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Geothermal Investments Ltd. is a successful and active international consultancy company, led by founders Graeme and Leanne Carling. Geothermal Investments Ltd. already provides expert consultancy, strong leadership and effective management to various sustainability and renewable energy projects across mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, and the GCC region.

The demand for cleaner, greener energy is at an all time high, with many sustainability initiatives now mandated by governments across the World. Whilst there has been significant progress made in technology and R&D, the commercialisation of many project remains at an early stage.

Geothermal Investments Ltd. has partnered with Earth Energy Explorer to realise the huge potential of their geothermal project in Almeria, Andalucia. The project, which has the support of Spanish President Pedro Sanchez, will combine geological expertise, technological understanding, and commercial excellence to deliver renewable and sustainable energy to the region.

The consultancy continues to work with regional partners to identify the most innovative and ambitious geothermal energy projects around the World.

Graeme Carling – Founding Partner

Graeme specialises in consolidating fragmented markets, maximising value from corporate assets, and brings significant expertise in acquisitions and delivering growth.

Graeme has successfully secured financial investment from UK and overseas family offices, HNW individuals and significant bank debt funding. Graeme’s ability to identify investment opportunities has allowed him to become one of Scotland’s more notable entrepreneurs with a reputation for growing value in companies.

Leanne Carling – Founding Partner

Having built a reputation early in her career for being able to find and negotiate deals, Leanne has grown her residential property company, Carling Property Group into the largest privately-owned residential landlord in Scotland. During this time Leanne has led the growth of the business by sourcing portfolio deals and securing the finance required.

Leanne has been involved in over 1,000 residential property portfolio acquisition transactions, either buying or facilitating with a value of circa £200million. The rapid growth of Carling Property Group is testament to Leanne’s talent for buying at the right price to maximise eventual sale value.

Leanne has more than a decade of mergers and acquisitions experience. As a Director at United Capital she identifies, manages, and negotiates M&A activity to its completion. Leanne’s ability to source opportunities and construct deals that work for both buyer and seller is second to none, and her vast personal experience makes her a sought-after speaker.

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